HIPAAVisor™: Step-by-Step HIPAA Advisory Services

HIPAAVisor™ gives you expert, yet personable, HIPAA advising when necessary and automates compliance management whenever possible – which is perfect for doctors’ offices, medical practices and other small businesses looking to save money and obtain compliance in a timely fashion. This resource is designed to help satisfy your HIPAA Security Rule and Meaningful Use requirements – without costing you your sanity!

Real-Time Cyber Risk Management Solutions - Get Protected. Stay Protected

Tired of the endless spreadsheets? The ones where a single wrong number could set you back hours of mind-numbing work? Good, because we are, too! HIPAAEx has developed HIPAAVisor™ to simplify your compliance efforts, identify potential threats and help you determine where your security funding should go next.

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Ensuring a Seamless Merger/Acquisition Transaction

No matter if you're the buyer or the seller, proving due diligence throughout the transaction process is critical for a successful merger and/or acquisition. HIPAAVisor™ is in your corner during this time, offering compliance readiness reporting that can be used as evidence of due diligence. We also use advanced compliance tracking software to determine the real-time security status, while specifying each cyber security risk that poses a potential threat to the organization

Gain Transparency for Your Transaction

Simulations to Determine the True Impact of a Real Cyber Attack

HIPPAVisor™ offers a cybersecurity disaster simulation tool that allows our team to run a hypothetical cyber attack against your operation and determine the pitfalls of your current strategy. Risks exist outside of simple HIPAA compliance - and we are here to identify those risks, defend against them and allow you to achieve true cyber-resilience.

Simply Update Security Resources, Waste Less Time

Consider "hiring" HIPAAVisor™ as your 24/7 automated, cyber risk officer. This cost-remediating solution is designed to spell out the demands of ever-changing HIPAA compliance and offer actionable advising as you move forward, fully protected. How is it done? That's where the magic really happens! We use AI to combine technical indicators, statistical research, big data analytics and more to give a comprehensive HIPAA compliance snapshot. Gone are the days of manual spreadsheets and endless checklists. Now is the era of smart automation and decreased human error!

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Creating custom HIPAA compliance & cybersecurity solutions to fit within the budget, vision & overall risk tolerance of your small healthcare practice.


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