Onsite HHS/OCR/MU Audit Support

There’s nothing more risky than being inadequately prepared for an audit. At HIPAAEx, we have vast experience in dealing with the audits that healthcare companies may face and we work with you to ensure your business is ready to comply with the established standards and regulations.
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Onsite HHS/OCR/MU Audit Support

Expert Audit & Compliance Insight

As audits become more and more frequent, so, too, do the risks of high compliance costs. Even if you make a habit of being careful, there are still factors that can be easily overlooked - and being caught unprepared could mean steep fines. We know all about the most common audits and help you prepare for them. We can even handle them for you on-site so you can continue to focus on patients. Whether it’s MACRA, MIPS, APM, Meaningful Use, PCI compliance or any other means of monitoring, we’ll help you work through it and keep you far away from HIPAA compliance audit fines and penalties.

HHS & OCR Audits: Guidance to Avoid Costly Penalties

A data breach is an expensive problem to have – and that’s before the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and its Office for Civil Rights (OCR) come in to impose a fine or penalty against the practice. The possibility of a hefty fine is scary for small medical offices, but with HIPAAEx’s audit preparation services, that’s a worry you don’t have to face. We’ll give you a comprehensive rundown on audit risk results and policies, keep you updated on requirements as they evolve and coach your team on audit requirements to ensure you have all your information in order should regulators come calling.

Beyond HIPAA: Staying on the Right Side of MACRA

Requirements for the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act are extremely similar to those for HIPAA; in fact, it is not possible to be in compliance with one but not with the other. Though MACRA is a step forward in protecting patients’ data, it also means a massive increase in complicated regulations – and the fines for noncompliance are substantial. HIPAAEx works with doctors to ensure they’re meeting requirements over the course of the year, and communicate with IT to make sure that there are systems in place to meet the relevant measures and that they’re working properly.

Preparing Your Business to Handle MIPS

The Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), part of MACRA, is one of the most important pieces of legislature for medical businesses and it incorporates Meaningful Use practices as one of its components. For practices that are in compliance, it means increased payments for services to patients on Medicare.

We help you navigate compliance and ensure you receive the payments for which you’re eligible. We’ll work with you directly to determine who is required to comply and group them together for reporting purposes, and help doctors choose medical measures that maximize their quality category scores. Then, we’ll work with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to try to get you the biggest increase possible.

Base increases are:

  • 2020: 5%
  • 2021: 7%
  • 2022: 9%

*Base increase can be multiplied by 3 if your practice is gauged a “top performer,” and we’ll work to help you reach that level.

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