Ongoing Security & Privacy Program Support

HIPAA compliance and PHI security isn’t a one-and-done operation. Ongoing security consulting and privacy support are critical to keeping you protected and free of HIPAA violation fines and penalties.
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Ongoing Security & Privacy Program Support

HIPAA Privacy, Security & Breach Notification

To help your organization comply with the Phase 2 HIPAA Audit Program, HIPAAEx will regularly review your existing policies and procedures that have been established to cover your business and your business associates. We identify any shortcomings and present the best solutions to help you meet the selected standards and implementation specifications presented by the HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules.

Routine Audit & Security Risk Assessments

Ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated and hackers are getting smarter. We learn about a new cybersecurity breach just about every week, so it helps to have a compliance consulting partner in your corner, watching your back every step of the way. HIPAAEx will provide your small business with ongoing security risk assessments and audits to ensure you’re not just compliant, but proactively protected.


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Extensive Industry Experience When Experience Matters

Throughout our time in the healthcare cybersecurity industry, we’ve watched as HIPAA regulations have been edited, modified and extended on a routine basis; regulations covering the electronic transmission of patient PHI, specifically, have changed immensely over the years. Because we’ve been around the block a few times, we have the unique ability to not only identify modifications as they rise, but communicate the changes to you in a digestible manner.

In the World of Healthcare Cybersecurity, It Pays to Be Proactive

HIPAAEx isn’t in the business of drumming up fear regarding a multi-million dollar security breach that shuts down your entire operation. We understand that those instances are far less common when compared to one headache that lingers in the back of your mind – HIPAA violation fines. By being proactive and partnering with an expert HIPAA consulting firm, you can avoid some of the following penalties:

  • $100 slap on the wrist & written warning
  • $10,000 minimum for each violation (with clean record)
  • $50,000 maximum for each violation (with a not-so-clean record)
  • $1,500,000 maximum penalty, per year

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