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The odds of facing a random compliance audit grow as each day passes. HIPAAEx establishes the proper procedures and documentation to prepare your team for an audit and help get your small business become compliant.
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HIPAA Training

Expert HIPAA Training for Healthcare Providers

As the detail-oriented owner of a small business, you approach each situation with a watchful eye – nothing sneaks past you. But is your team just as dedicated to the longevity of your practice? Even though you hire the best talent the industry has to offer, people still slip up. In fact, 95% of all cybersecurity breaches boil down to human error.


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The Need for Ongoing Compliance Training & Advising

Technology is always advancing. Hackers are always getting smarter. Regulations are always getting tighter. Cybersecurity compliance is a seemingly never-ending battle, but with the right advisor in your corner, you can be proactive with your data protection. HIPAAEx is constantly exploring the world of cybersecurity standards and compliance. We’re researching breaches and discovering new ways to protect each client. HIPAAEx offers a simple and affordable solution to your compliance advisory service needs. We build the necessary foundation for long-term protection, while informing you of new regulations as they pop up.

Long-Term Partnerships – Where HIPAAEx Thrives

We're not just HIPAA compliance experts; we’re cybersecurity experts with great experience in the following industries:

  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Financial, Banking & Accounting
  • Federal Government
  • Legal
  • Real Estate
  • Petroleum/Oil
  • Education
  • State & City Government
  • Public Utilities
  • Hospitality


And, as a small business ourselves, we understand your concerns and pain points. You want to get compliant now and check that off your to-do list. HIPAAEx matches that level of urgency and performs at the highest level so you know you’re protected against costly data breaches and, more common, compliance violation penalties.

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Creating custom HIPAA compliance & cybersecurity solutions to fit within the budget, vision & overall risk tolerance of your small healthcare practice.


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