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HIPAAEx performs HIPAA Risk Assessments to ensure compliance with the HIPAA Security Final Rule, mitigate risk of security breaches and eliminate your chances of facing violation fines.
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HIPAA Risk Assessment

Assessing Both Risk & Compliance

As a small business ourselves, we understand your concerns and frustrations. You most likely just want to be compliant, protect your information and relieve yourself of this headache – and you want it done quickly. That’s exactly what we're here for. HIPAAEx digs into the details of your established policies and procedures to assess your current HIPAA risks before offering compliance solutions that fill in any gaps that we’ve found along the way. We do the work today so you don’t have a mess tomorrow.

What We Look For During the Assessment

A typical HIPAA Security Compliance Assessment is made up of 18 standards and 42 implementation specifications surrounding an organization’s administrative, physical and technical safeguards. While these audits are immensely thorough and tedious, they’re also crucial to protecting your small business and your patients’ sensitive data. HIPAAEx performs the assessment, properly documents our findings and provides a step-by-step protocol to follow so you can take proactive action.

The HHS Suggests Answering the Following Questions Throughout a Risk Assessment:

 • Where is PHI being stored, received, maintained or transmitted?

  • What are the organization’s potential threats and vulnerabilities?
  • What current security measures are being employed to safeguard PHI?
  • Are these security measures up to par? Are they employed effectively?
  • What is the likelihood of a “reasonably anticipated” threat?
  • What is the potential impact of a breach of PHI?

Who Needs a HIPAA Risk Assessment

As a Covered Entity that handles patient Protected Health Information (PHI), you must complete a HIPAA Risk Assessment. These organizations typically consist of healthcare providers (doctors, dentists, pediatricians, pharmacies, surgeons, etc.), healthcare insurance providers and healthcare clearinghouses.

However, if you’re a business associate that stores or transmits PHI – like a data center, CPA accounting firm or attorney for a Covered Entity – you must also be covered as a business associate. If the entity simply passes off patient information from A to B with no access to PHI, like a logistics specialists or mail service provider, you do not need a HIPAA risk assessment.

What Happens If You Don’t Complete an Assessment/HIPAA Audit

While the idea of a catastrophic cybersecurity breach is a terrifying prospect, the odds of enduring such a disaster are low. However, the chances of you getting hit with a HIPAA violation fine are far higher. We’re here to help you become complaint and eliminate the risk of fines altogether, whether they be a $100 slap on the wrist or a $50,000 “Willful Neglect” penalty.

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