Custom Policy & Procedures

Administrative, physical and technical policies are necessary to keep sensitive medical information safe. HIPAAEx identifies your firm’s needs and creates tailored policy templates to keep you compliant.
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Custom Policy & Procedures

Complete HIPAA Privacy & Security Policy Template Customization

You need a streamlined, long-term solution that mitigates the risk of a costly breach, protects you from all angles and helps you sleep at night. HIPAAEx designs comprehensive and custom HIPAA Privacy and Security Policy Templates to adhere to HIPAA compliance and secure your patients’ protected health information (PHI).

Creating Internal Policies for Employees

You hire only the best talent at your practice, but even the best employees can fall prey to sophisticated security breaches if there isn’t an established set of internal controls and policies. We dive into your business’ unique needs and suit you with a proper set of documented procedures to protect your company and keep your staff vigilant, organized and accountable. Having these documents handy will make the situation much easier if you happen to endure an audit.

Implementing the Established Privacy Policies & Procedures

The creation of official HIPAA compliant policies is only half the battle. Enforcement of these procedures is the next step to protecting your organization. HIPAAEx helps your team make sense of the rules and regulations established by your privacy and security template. After all, policy is only as good as the individuals who carry out the orders!

Routinely Reviewing the Effectiveness of Your Policies

Once you’ve crafted the perfect battle plan and your team has been trained to adhere to these regulations, it is time to perfect your policies and proactively handle unforeseen risks with ongoing compliance support. Hackers are getting smarter. Regulations are getting stricter. By routinely reviewing your policies and tailoring them to meet advances in digital information technologies, you’re doing right by your patients and keeping yourself free of HIPAA compliance fees. Everyone wins when you’re thinking ahead!

For more information regarding our custom HIPAA policy and procedures templates or how we can review your current policies, contact HIPAAEx today.


Creating custom HIPAA compliance & cybersecurity solutions to fit within the budget, vision & overall risk tolerance of your small healthcare practice.


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