The Cybersecurity Pitfalls of AI

Nov 09, 2018
by Admin

The Risk of Breach Skyrockets as Machine Learning Gains Popularity

Automation makes lives easier. AI can drive cars, fly planes, filter spam emails, play chess and even sort cucumbers. However, with the convenience comes great risk. As fewer human eyes remain on the data, it can fall prey to both external and internal threats. We’re here to help you recognize the cybersecurity risks involved with AI, but also how you can further protect yourself while enjoying the fruits of machine learning mechanisms.

Beyond Compliance: The Biggest Threats Exist Outside of Regulations

Governing bodies have implemented specific regulations to help protect against the primary risks of specific industries - think HIPAA compliance for medical facilities, FERPA for students, GDPR for consumer information, etc. But these compliance measures are limited in scope. While they require organizations to implement cybersecurity protections, protocols and procedures, they’re not so stringent and timely when it comes to new threats.

Machines Are Getting Smarter - & So Are Hackers

Hackers aren’t dumb. If they want the information of a healthcare or financial firm, they’re going to do their research and compile as much intel as possible before embarking on a risky breach - meaning if you don’t go above and beyond compliance, then they’ve got your entire defensive playbook already. This ties directly into advances with AI. Many of these newfound capabilities haven’t been around long enough to create and pass amendments to protective regulations and standards, but people are employing the solutions anyway. These new capabilities act as weak points in the cybersecurity levee - a little bit of unprecedented pressure could result in disaster and a flood of data loss.

Fortifying Infrastructure: Why Cybersecurity Shouldn’t Be Automated

Private information protection isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it operation. Just because you’ve reached compliance doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels and drop your defenses. After all, you wouldn’t want your bodyguard to run on autopilot, would you? There are cybersecurity and compliance solution companies out there that offer turn-key solutions without any follow up. You’re compliant. Your base is somewhat protected. You should be good, right? Not quite.

As your organization grows, so will its capabilities and reliance on new technologies - namely automation to cutdown on overhead and make lives easier. If your turn-key compliance provider doesn’t take an active role in protecting your organization, your risk appetite just decreased while the threat of a breach increased, making your data exponentially more vulnerable.

What Should You Do to Protect You & Your Organization?

We’re not saying that AI is a bad thing - not by any stretch. It helps us detect crop disease, discover new uses for old drugs, find new source of oil and gas (Exxon recently found new source of offshore oil and gas in Guyana, South America), protect our homes and beat us at Texas Hold ‘Em when no human competition stands a chance. We even use AI/BI throughout parts of our risk management process. But you should be diligent when applying AI and machine-learning mechanisms to your organization.

You should have a compliance and cybersecurity consultant in your corner at all times. This real-life person (not a robot) will act as your advocate when it comes to digital protections. You may like this new piece of software that can reduce time spent on billing management by 30%, but your advisor knows the risks that come with it and the solution to help keep your data safe. This is what it takes to outsmart the motivated, intelligent and nefarious threats that want to sink your business.

Machine learning is incredible, but so are the lengths hackers will go to reach valuable information. To learn more about how you can further protect yourself from risks associated with AI and become truly cyber-resilient, contact HIPAAEx today.



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