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Sep 18, 2018
by Admin

The 4 Types of Agencies You’ll Find When Looking for a Compliance Partner

A colossal cybersecurity budget does not guarantee compliance - and it certainly doesn’t guarantee protection. All too often, small businesses partner with a turnkey provider in the name of convenience, only to be left out in the cold during a breach.

So, what separates the good from the bad? What should you look for (and avoid) when searching for a compliance solutions expert? HIPAAEx is here to break it down for you!


The Worst Case Scenario: Disaster Strikes Despite Thinking You Were Protected

As hackers become more sophisticated, so should your defenses. However, there are some providers who believe they can lay a blanket solution over your organization and call it “threat prevention and protection.” That’s not how cybersecurity works. That’s not even how compliance works. Each organization is unique and needs a custom approach to risk mitigation. The last thing you want is to undergo a costly breach or to receive a hefty fine for a lack of compliance despite paying a monthly retainer to be covered.


Warning signs to look out for:

  • One-size-fits-all pricing
  • Anxiety-inducing marketing messages
  • No follow up questions
  • No analysis of current controls/procedures
  • No reporting
  • Weak communication


The Net Zero: Nothing Bad Happened (Because No One Tried)

This provider takes a similar hands-off, universal approach as the first, but they’re blessed with great timing. No damage is done throughout their tenure because there were no attempts. Had a serviceable threat surfaced, things could have gotten messy in a hurry. You don’t want to rely on luck when it comes to your business, especially as hackers are becoming more aggressive. There’s also no need to endlessly throw money at a cyber solution if it isn’t actually working for you.


The Pedestrian-Level Partner: Middle of the Road Solutions to Cover You & Nothing More

Think of this provider as minimum coverage car insurance (but with a higher price tag). They cover the basics and have your back should disaster strike … and that’s just about it. This partner does a decent amount of work upfront to ensure that you’re compliant with all current standards and regulations, which does protect you - to a degree.

What this approach lacks is urgency and reinvention. It is perfect for some businesses that just want to put aside an annual cybersecurity budget, talk to a representative quarterly and sleep well knowing the government isn’t going to come down on them. But, once again, that’s now how the cybersecurity world works. Risks exist outside of simple compliance.

Questions to ask this provider:

  • Is there a growth plan to protect us as we add members to our team and services to our catalog?

  • Is there a routine controls audit plan set up?

  • What happens in the case of a breach? What is your disaster recovery protocol?

  • How are you keeping up in the age of AI?

  • What are my biggest threats and what are you doing to protect against them specifically?


The Cyber-Resilient Advocate: Proactive Protection Against Threats You Didn’t Even Think About

Your cybersecurity budget should work for you, not passively wait around, hoping nothing bad happens. The Cyber-Resilient Advocate is constantly on watch for newer, more advanced risks. They remain in routine contact with you to address rising threats and explain how they plan to mitigate the issue. Not only do they cover your compliance needs with ease and provide a defensive foundation, they also create a seemingly impenetrable cyber shield, protecting you from all angles.

This provider offers additional services outside of simple compliance; look for the agency that also provides transaction due diligence, business associate management and business continuity services. These services elude to a bigger picture philosophy. A partner that can offer a proactive, comprehensive plan - all in one place - is one worth your time. The best part? When all of your solutions exist under the same roof, your overhead costs go down and you have to keep track of less.

This is the approach we take at HIPAAEx. No client should be left in the dark. No client should have unanswered questions. No area of your business should go unchecked. It is our duty to constantly reevaluate our strategy to best serve your organization. How have you grown? How will you grow? How should we address these changes? It is this dynamic and ever-evolving methodology that acts as the difference between wasted money and a no-brainer, business-saving budget.

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