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Aug 09, 2018
by Admin

Combining Compliance Best Practices With Proactive Protective Measures to Ensure True Cyber-Resiliency

In an era of increased cybersecurity hacks, it’s not enough to simply be compliant with existing regulations. Rather, an organization must cover itself from all angles to become “cyber-resilient.” That’s why HIPAAEx is here – to protect you against both the rise in HIPAA audit penalties and aggressive, ever-evolving cyber-based threats.

Become Cyber-Resilient Today

A Firm Foundation: Documentation, Training & Assessments

We’re in the business of protecting your organization – and sometimes that entails covering your bases to fend off potentially costly violation fines and fees. We offer a variety of foundational HIPAA compliance services, including:

  • HIPAA Training

  • Risk Assessments

  • Onsite Audit Support

  • Creation of Custom Policy & Procedures

  • Business Associate Management

Proactive Protection: Ongoing Consulting to Cover Lapses in Security

For most organizations, it is not enough to simply be “compliant.” HIPAAEx acts as the proactive client advocate that helps a small practice protect itself in the long run. We stay abreast of all industry advances, new cybersecurity threats and defense tools – so you don’t have to. The advanced solutions we offer include:

  • Ongoing Security Support

  • Ongoing Privacy Program Support

  • Incident Management

  • Business Continuity

  • Cybersecurity & Threat Prevention

How Do We Do It?

HIPAAEx is an experienced team of compliance experts that specializes in HIPAA advising for small healthcare practices. We cut our teeth in industries outside of the medical realm, including governance, finance and cybersecurity, so we fully understand that risk exists outside of simple regulatory compliance. Hackers are getting smarter, but so are we. To best protect your practice, we are constantly learn about the latest hacks and how to proactively defend against them.

This is our first blog post, but as we move forward, we will continue to provide you with the latest in compliance news and cybersecurity insight. And as we learn, so will you. HIPAAEx is fully dedicated to providing a transparent look at cyber protection and giving you peace of mind.

Welcome to HIPAAEx!



Creating custom HIPAA compliance & cybersecurity solutions to fit within the budget, vision & overall risk tolerance of your small healthcare practice.


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