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HIPAAEx is the partner solution small practices have been waiting for – the one who understands your concerns and presents you solely with the solutions you actually need. In short, we make HIPAA compliance achievable, affordable and incredibly straightforward!
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Our Size Is Our Advantage

Because we are a small business, we understand small business problems. The headaches you face are the same pains we encounter daily. However, our team has the unique ability of simplifying some of the most complicated processes and delivering timely, comprehensive and long-term compliance solutions to ease those headaches.

The HIPAAEx Promise

No practice is too small to be audited. No practice is too small for an assessment. You may not need the enterprise-level solution designed for a multi-million dollar corporation, but you also cannot afford the risk of not being protected. HIPAA breaches and settlements can reach into the millions of dollars; as unlikely as that scenario is, it is still best to have an industry expert in your corner, protecting you from all angles. On the flip side, HIPAA non-compliance fines are much more popular and quite costly, ranging from a $100 ding to a $1.5 million maximum penalty. Be proactive with your approach and mitigate your risk!

Our Experience & Methodology

HIPAAEx combines its thorough understanding of the healthcare market with its years of hands-on experience with Fortune 100 financial companies with a primary focus on cybersecurity, governance, risk and compliance. Our unique methodology is the culmination of time-trusted tools and risk management resources small practices need to ensure compliance and security. We pair technology with trusted counsel, allowing us to create custom plans to align with each practice, business model and vision.


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Creating custom HIPAA compliance & cybersecurity solutions to fit within the budget, vision & overall risk tolerance of your small healthcare practice.


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